‘Waar Gaan We Naartoe?’ on Canvas

‘Waar Gaan We Naartoe?’ on Canvas

We’re delighted to announce that within the context of World Alzheimer’s Dayon Wednesday 21 september at 20h30, current affairs talk show De Afspraak (Canvas) spent time on our documentary ‘Waar Gaan We Naartoe?’.

nepal1A beautiful journey

‘Waar Gaan We Naartoe?’ is a documentary produced by theWizard in cooperation with Expertisecentrum Dementie Vlaanderen. It tells the story of the ‘New Energy for Young Dementia’-project and shows a remarkable insight into the lives of three men with young dementia overcoming their fears and doubts against the backdrop of the stunning mountains of Nepal. They are supported by their partners, scientists and Rick de Leeuw, one of the instigators of buddy support for people with dementia.

In the face of an uncertain future, they show what they’re still capable of while coming to terms and reacting to the new reality they were forced into. This unique project was covered in famous medical magazine The Lancet and sends out a powerful message: people with dementia should be involved more and need to enjoy greater support within society.

nepal3De Afspraak

De Afspraak invited team member Rick de Leeuw. You can rewatch the discussion in De Afspraak here.

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