Making of: Solvay

Making of: Solvay

Mission Solvay

Solvay Brussels School wanted a video to demonstrate its indispensable role in the education of success leaders of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

To accomplish this, Solvay selected 15 top managers and 2 student representatives to talk about their experiences at Solvay.

And then it was up to us

We decided to produce a cinematic video, using uplifting audio tracks, high-end camera’s, quality lighting and steady travel shots. To enable the interviews to convey a long tradition of excellence, we used dynamic cutting that allows the viewer to believe, dream and project himself.

To execute all 17 interviews, we used a combination of shooting on location and in our greenscreen studio, fully booking our days to make optimal use of our budget and planning. Some interviews were produced by the companies of the leaders themselves. We decided to track these interviews into a television screen to make them match with the overall style of our video.


Solvay appUsing the footage that we already shot, we could easily develop a derivative interactive product. Here, we went for a nonlinear approach where the user can navigate through the extended interviews, using a clickable interface based on the look & feel of the main video. Although this wasn’t part of the briefing, we included this in our proposal and together, we made it happen.