Did you recognise the icons?

Did you recognise the icons?

What do the icons on our website really mean? Here’s a bit of info behind each of the icons we selected.


Christopher Columbus egg (inventive)

When the Spanish elite told famous explorer Christopher Columbus that it probably wasn’t that difficult to discover America, Columbus dared everyone in the room to keep an egg straight up without any support.

He saw nobody could do it and took the egg. He hit it gently on the table so one side became flat and the egg stood up on its own. It’s a simple solution for a difficult question, but it takes an inventive person to come up with it.


Mobius strip (collaborative)

The Mobius strip is a bit of a conundrum. It all starts with a simple common strip with two clearly separated sides. Two different surfaces of one shape. BUT! if you half twist the strip and attach both ends together, suddenly you’ll notice the two separated sides have become ONE surface that keeps going on forever, like a loop.

Two sides forming one endless whole: a perfect symbolisation of how we think working together must be. We love to collaborate with a large variety of eclectic people, creating infinite possibilities.

By the way, this is definitely something you can try at home… You can easily make this yourself by cutting a strip out of an A4 paper, half-twisting one side around and attaching both ends.


Tangram (pragmatic)

Tangram is a Chinese puzzle used by the Tang dynasty. It consists of seven pieces that can form a perfect square, but also over 2000 recognisable shapes.

Constructing a tangram is a lot like building a schedule, using different production pieces and putting them in the right place as efficiently as possible.


Hummingbird (inspired)

Sometime, somewhere, a forest fire broke out. All the animals stood by a lake and watched as their homes got burned down. Suddenly, the hummingbird rose up. It decided to take action and started to go back and forth between a lake and the forest fire , picking up and releasing drops of water.

Even though the animals started to discourage him because they thought his efforts were useless, he kept doing what he could saying “I’m doing my part”.

For us, each drop counts.