…passionate people from different backgrounds committed towards one purpose: To imagine, create and produce audiovisual content, stories and experiences breathing cross media, interactivity and… reality.


We play, learn, think,… by asking ourselves:
Why not? What if? What’s in it for you?


Generating opportunities for you by using consciously our stigmergic nature in a versatile world.


Real, measurable & scheduled.
Managing your project, by objectives.


How we can make our world a better place. What else?


Quentin D’Haeye
Creation | Production
Frank Van Caesbroeck
Business Development
Sandra De Milliano
IMPACT Consultant & Coach – blended learning innovator
Marijn Goossens
VR Creative
Sander De Roeck
VR Business Development
Dirk De Geyndt
Direction | Copywriting
Wouter Cerneels
Digital Media | Motion graphics | Camera
Esmoreit Lutters
Director of photography
Lien Treunen
Production | Project management
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We’re delighted to announce that within the context of World Alzheimer’s Day, on Wednesday 21 september at 20h30, current affairs talk show De Afspraak (Canvas) spent time on our documentary ‘Waar Gaan We Naartoe?’. A beautiful journey ‘Waar Gaan We Naartoe?’ is a documentary produced by theWizard in......

Here’s what we offer! A 2-hour brainstorming session resulting in a project approach designed to promote your company, with no obligation on your side....

What do the icons on our website really mean? Here’s a bit of info behind each of the icons we selected. Christopher Columbus egg (inventive) When the Spanish elite told famous explorer Christopher Columbus that it probably wasn’t that difficult to discover America, Columbus dared......

Mission Solvay Solvay Brussels School wanted a video to demonstrate its indispensable role in the education of success leaders of yesterday, today and tomorrow. To accomplish this, Solvay selected 15 top managers and 2 student representatives to talk about their experiences at Solvay. And then......

Apart from Pokémon, virtual reality and 360 video are the next big thing. While hardware and especially software are still in its early days, the number of people experimenting with creative and commercial uses for the new technology are expanding rapidly. At theWizard, we did some experimenting......

In October 2015, three men with young dementia went on an incredible journey through the mountains of Nepal. Supported by their partners, a scientific team and artist Rick De Leeuw, they show what they’re still capable of. We feel privileged that we got the chance......